Where the name 'Blue Agile' comes from

It is the combination of my two passions.

The "Blue" comes from the water. In my youth, I was a swimmer. I took part in many international championships (also European and world championships and even in three Olympic games). What I took with me: the commitment, get a kick out of a  matter and the perseverance it needs to be successful and keep on trying if I was not successful, yet.

This period of time and these characteristics belong to me exactly like my enthusiam for agile working.

I came into contact with agility in 2006 and it fascinated me right from the start. I successfully implemented agile projects and agile products with business units, developers have been motivated and the customers as well as the stakeholders were very pleased. Later on, I supported enterprises on their way to become agile organisations.

You can very successfully work the agile way, if it is implemented the right way and like in sports, again and again you inspect the situation and constantly make improvements. It works.